Meet the animals of "Dragonfly Farm"

If you love animals - you have come to the right placce - our little family consists of 2 lovely cats, 3 dogs, 2 supersweet donkeys, a handful of chucks, some sheeps, calves and even three super curious pigs, making it especially suitable for families with children.

Angel & Holly

- are our pet donkeys. If you have apples they will let you cuddle them, but they do like them cut into slices. 


- has a lovely heart and loves to play & cuddle up on your lap at night. But sorry he's the barky one when you arrive!

Muscovy ducks

- Adults are INDIE & GAVIN, we breed these ducks every year, so you will be able to feed or even hold one of the ducklings.

Mini P, Pinky & Penny

- are our pet pigs. They love any leftover food you have, so you can feed them every day.


- loves the cottage and visiting our guests. So don't be surprised if you find her cuddled up on your bed!

The Sheep

- can all be hand fed with “sheep nuts”. So if you would like to feed them, please let us know and we will give you some feed.


- you might be lucky & catch a glimpse of Eddie. But he's more of a 'bush' cat, but loves a box to sit in if he can find a comfy one!


- is a really friendly Labrador cross. Don’t be afraid of her loud bark. She likes to keep us safe and let us know of anyone arriving at Dragonfly Farm


- probably the soppiest of all our dogs. She just love cuddles & food!

The Calves

- we hand reared Cookie and Caramel this year from 4 days old, so they are really used to humans and happy for a head scratch. 

The Chickens

- provide us with some amazing “free range” eggs, which are really tasty! If you would like some, please let us know.


- is a purebred White Galloway. She is lovely and she will be having a calf in December this year (we hope). A Christmas baby!

Please note: As we have many animals on the farm we request that you do not bring dogs with you on your stay.